Thursday, September 26, 2013

Subway Surfers Cheats Hack For Android iPhone Unlimited Coins & Key Sep 2013]

Subway Surfers Cheats Unlimited Coins [Android,PC,Iphone,Ipad] September 2013

Download File From Here :

- Friend Runs:
An easy way youu can earn extra coins is to have your friends run. For each 50 friend runs you will earn a coin bag which will contain valuable coins.

- Power-Ups:
The following list are the power-ups you can collect during gameplay and their effect. ALL of these power-ups only last a limited time so make sure you take advantage of them while they are active.

- Jetpack:
Allows you to fly over ALL of the trains and collect a trail of coins along the way.

- Super Sneakers:
These will make your character run faster than normal, and will pick up any coins under them.

- Coin Magnet:
This will collect ALL of the coins in the vicinity around you.

- 2X Multiplier:
This will double your score while it is active.

999999000 Coins
999999000 Hoverboard
999999000 Headstart
999999000 Mega Headstart

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