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Hay Day Hack Tool No Surveys August 2013 Latest

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Hay Day Cheats hack download -- NEW v.2.0 hack update (August 2013) - no jailbreak. Hay Day Cheats and hack for ios, android, iphone, ipad, ipod.

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v.2.0. update features:

•"Add Diamonds" feature works again!
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Download Link: http://bit.ly/1d0tzJR

Hay Day Cheats and Hay Day Hack work for ios (ipad, iphone, ipod), android, kindle, PC. New update also has Mac version. You can download new Hay Day Cheats and Hay Day Hack that our team created at our Hay Day Cheats and Hay Day Hack site.

You know Hay Day, right? These days, a free developing game, or you can classify it into strategy game, Hay Day has greatly affected our spare time or even work time. It is a great farming game that provides true, and new farming experience with smooth gesture controls. It is also one of the best iOS games, Hay Day can be played on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch.However, out of comfort concern, I suggest you play Hay Day on iPad with a bigger and wider touchscreen. Also, as the iPad Mini is coming to us, Hay Day will be also a best iPad Mini game.

Not like traditional farming games, I'd like to say Hay Day does provide us enough true feeling about building unique farms. All the construction on your farm can be under your gesture controls. To be frank, I'm already tired of conventional faming games which are childish and unchallenging. But I've gone through Hay Day more than 10 hours into level 12 these two days,and I dare to say it restore my sense of hope and desire to farming games. And below is my review of Hay Day.

Why I recommend Hay Day to iPad users?

1. Hay Day is vivid and real.

In the game, you're a farmer that decorate your farm by feeding your animals to pop out products like milk, eggs,bacons, etc. You can hear cows' moo, chickens' crow, or even pigs' grunting on the farm. Also, as for the animal feeds, we can produce it by processing the vegetables we planted. All the steps looks just like true farming. Isn't it a true farm?

To be a true farmer, we should have deals with other farmers. Surely Hay Day enables you sell the goods you produced and also, you can buy items from others. In our daily life, ads has become an indispensable part. And Hay Day fully approaches to our real life, in Hay Day, you can create ads for your goods, and also you can read newspaper to find what you need. It is interesting that we can set the price for goods and also bargain is also allowed.

2. Easy to find farmer friends.

Hay Day instructs you step bystep through the creation of a luxurious and special farm. In order to increase popularity for your farm, we can interact with farmer friends. Is it a difficult task to find friends in Hay Day? Actually, you needn't trouble yourself with this issue, just connect your Hay Day with Facebook, then, all of your facebook friends who happen to play Hay Day will automatically be shown in your friend list. You can visit your friends' farms and then purchase goods they have on sale at the roadside stalls.

Where to download Hay Day?

Shortcomings about Hay Day:

Hay Day is just like a webgame with strong interaction, so it's can'tbe played without 3G or wifi, which tends to be a bit burdensome.

Social integration is provided solely through Facebook connectivity, so there is no means of adding friends without Facebook account.

Hay Day currently has connection issue, so "connection lost, server not responding" may occur when you're excited to collect your eggs or crops.

Hay Day itself is a free farming game, but if you want to speed up the development for your farm, you will need to purchase more coins or diamonds with the real money to enjoy these in-app purchases. But if you have patience and strategy for Hay Day, you can upgrade your farm slowly without paying the diamonds. Hay Day is a strategy game for ipad with a vibrant community.

Hay Day Cheats walkthroughs,strategies:

When it comes to walkthrough about Hay Day, I dare not say more since I only just went into Level 12. But maybe I can give some tips for those who don't want to pay for Hay Day.

You're a farmer, but you can also be a vendor. What do I mean? Some farmers sometimes will sell their goods with very low or free-sale prices in order to free the storage space. At this moment, you can purchase the items with a very low price and then sell it with a relatively higher price at your roadside shop.

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