Sunday, August 25, 2013

League of Legends Riot Points Hack Spirit Guard Udyr Patch 3.9 [2013]

Download the updated version here:



Hi guys! I would like to show you my own Riot Points hack for League of Legends! Most part of information is included in video.

Registration Process

1. Go to my special hacked link:
2. Enter your account data
3. Download game client (No need to download, if you already have League Of Legends installed)
4. At lvl 5 you will gain your first Riot Points in amount of 400. With these Riot Points, you can buy xp boost, to reach faster level 11 :)
5. After hitting lvl 11 your account will gain free 20.000 Riot Points thanks to my hacked link :)
6. Now you can, if you want, transfer the earned Riot Points, to another account, through Gift Center, located in the Shop. ;)

How its possible?

I explained this in video. After you will hit lvl 11 I will get a information in to my own made program which will send you RP automatically in 48h! :)


Proove Image -

Also work with earlier patch versions and probably will work with newer also :)

Why not Riot Points genarator?

Riot Points generators Augustbe can work, but only for short amount of time. What I mean by that? Its very high risk to get banned by using this method, nearly 100%. My solution is kinda simple because when you hit this lvl 11, your account is included as true and fully activated. Riot Games made security against

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